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2011 Malaria Initiative

2011 Malaria Initiative


From August 22-25 2011, ReNOVATE visited Eduanbon, a village in the Ife-North Local government, Osun State Nigeria to implement our pilot project Health Committee project, “The 2011 Malaria Initiative”. 

Through this project, we plan to continue to implement a detailed malaria education and prevention program in Eduanbon by focusing on environmental issues. In August 2011, we conducted various education sessions with Eduanbon residents on the importance of maintaining a clean environment towards the goal of reducing the prevalence rate of malaria and other diseases in Eduanbon. ReNOVATE distributed 150 mosquito nets during this initiative.


The health of a society contributes to the wealth of the society. Therefore, it is our goal to see that the residents of Eduanbon are in upmost health, so they can in turn increase productivity in their society.