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What We Do

We work with under-served villages and communities across Nigeria to develop and implement sustainable projects that focus on health education, disease prevention, and community development.

Health Education

ReNOVATE Nigeria works to alleviate health issues and bridge health gaps in the most rural parts of Nigeria. Our projects utilize the support of local doctors and health care works in and around the local community.

Our Approach

We apply these methods to implementing our health projects:

  1. Identify deprived communities. These communities may be hard to reach or communities deprived of basic healthcare needs.

  2.  Conduct a Needs Assessment/Survey of the Communities using semi-structured questionnaires, key-informant interview and focal group discussions

  3. Establish relationship with key stakeholders that will facilitate the project

  4. Identify and initiate discussions with relevant community health workers concerning the project

  5. Develop a plan with the community on followup


Community Development


Most typical Nigerian villages are  disenfranchised and in need of a turn-around.  During our past visits to different villages, we have been confronted with some harsh realities, including barely-functioning clinics with no hospital beds or medicine and with extremely sub-par clinical procedures which at best have no effect and at worst, expose the sick to greater risk.

The schools that we visited lacked functioning bathrooms, and classroom facilities were found to be defunct and unsuitable for teaching and learning. The failure of the education system itself, is something that every Nigerian can bear witness to, from under-performing teachers, to outdated curriculums, to the very lack of teaching and learning resources such as text books.

We utilize the same approach as above to address identified needs in these communities.